Waxworks Special Edition is a new version of the classic Waxworks game from 1992 made by Horror Soft.   
Went2Play is happy to annouce that we have signed the license agreement with Horror soft / Adventure Soft company to develop this legendary horror game and take you to the world of Waxworks one more time.
   You have to go through 4 levels: Pharaoh, Jack the Ripper, Mines and Dracula. This is not a easy task and you will have to fight with vicious creatures and mutants, who will be more than happy to rip you apart. This is a true gory horror game, which has no mercy.
- This version is going to be made in Unreal Engine 4.
- We won't implement grid-base camera.
- We will add mini-map to each level to track the player position.
- Player will be able to gain health during gameplay by drinking water, potions, eating food etc.
- Any interactive object such as the shovel, pickaxe, metal bar etc. will have better effect to the enemy during fight.
- You wont get stuck, if you are out of weapons. There is always way to survive.
- 3D User Interface
- Mines side stories
- New Ixona's level
and much more...
 This game is made for all fans of creepy horror games genre.



Trailer #1 - 2018

Gameplay Introduction - 2019

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