Lost wallets, blurry vision, flipped trash cans...Ah, you Groggers! Do you ever stop drinking?!
You must help them get home and save innocent lives! They are dangerous to the public!

Watch out for traffic! Everyone in Groggerland is a little bit tipsy! :o)

Groggers is a physic-based action arcade game. You must help your Grogger make it home safely. Some of the bottles will help you out, others might hurt. Get your Grogger home as fast as you can to collect more bottles to unlock additional zones and new characters.

How long can you walk?

- 50 levels
- 5 Zones: Road, Forest, Swamp, Graveyard and Tron
- 6 Characters
- Local multiplayer! (PC version)
- iAP purchase to buy more bottles (excluded from PC version)
- Achievements
- Leaderboards
And more...

3.99$ - Version 1.1.1 (Jan 2017)

GROGGERS! on Steam                             GROGGERS! on Itch.io                              GROGGERS! on Gumroad
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Android version
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