Fortify is a real-time strategy game with a tower defense twist. Defend your castle from attacking monsters and siege weapons by using ranged and melee defenders, catapults, cannons, oil fields and more. You start at the iron age, advancing to the medieval age, and later, the imperial age. Each new age enables important upgrades and allows for new techniques to defend your castle.

“What helps separate Fortify from lesser games in the genre are the vast number and types of upgrades available.”
4/5 – The Indie Mine

“The great variety of attacking enemies keep you on your toes as you try and level up your units, build and manage resources.”

The Steam Edition includes:
- Two mission maps
- Multiplayer Player vs Player, tower defense style
- Arcade mode: How long can you survive the attacks?
- Real-time lighting and shadows
- Achievements
- Leaderboards
And more...

Multiplayer mode plays just like normal, but instead of having enemies attack automatically, every monster that attacks you has been sent by your opponent. In order to gain an advantage you must learn to balance attack and defense.

This game has been made by 2 developers! 30 Characters, Smooth animations, Great music and Voice overs! Old school MP is a fun!

It's on Steam!


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